DEIB @ LabCentral

LabCentral launched its organization-wide change initiative focused on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging, officially, in 2020. This initiative was built to empower team members with diverse experiences to form actionable recommendations and develop a more robust and inclusive company culture. In 2022, the DEIB committee focused on building cross-functional and cross-cultural bridges to inspire change in our community within the industry.

Within this initiative, in 2022 LabCentral hosted numerous guest speakers, such as Jennifer de Leon, a first-generation Guatemalan-American author and professor, and Annewon Weedon, a Native-American performing artist and activist, to share their lived experiences, perspectives, and expertise with our broader community.

In 2022, the DEIB Committee also developed internal training and educational seminars on a broad range of topics, including Identifying and Disrupting Microaggressions, and an Intersectional Analysis of the Monkey Pox Epidemic. The committee acted as a response team to community concerns, working to implement inclusive practices such as gender-neutral bathroom signage and more.









Shadow Swap Initiative

“Without this shadow day, I don’t think I would have had the chance to meet and talk more about higher level operations of LabCentral. It gave me more insight into how we operate and the people who are helping it go smoothly. Getting to see everyone in action and also feeling seen by people in higher positions that makes me feel more confident in my abilities”

Juneteenth event

To honor Juneteenth, in 2022 we partnered with Thermofisher and Osamase Ekhator, author and poet, to host an immersive poetry experience at LabCentral. Osamase curated the event and performed live poetry readings to celebrate Black love and Black identity through the lens of the legacy of Juneteenth, from its roots of slavery to being Black in America today.


In attendance

These types of events are very crucial for our community, especially during these difficult times. Many attendees told me that this event served as a bright spot for them and that this performance was a much needed breath of fresh air. Moments like that motivate me to continue uplifting others through poetry and I hope they encourage LabCentral to host more sessions with other artists and creatives in the future. By creating a safe space for people of all different backgrounds, LabCentral can serve as a healing ground for the Greater Boston community.

- Osamase Ekhator, Poet, Writer, and Author

Cultural event

In its second year, the LabCentral Cultural Celebration proved to be a staple event in our community. We are a diverse and international group of people, and this event celebrates our global roots through food and custom. Residents and team members can host their own table to showcase and teach about their home country. In 2022 we had 20 countries represented and fostered countless connections over recipes, dress, and traditions through this interactive and popular event.


In attendance

This yearly event should remind all of us of the amazing culture and residents we have here at LabCentral. It really demonstrates how committed everyone is not only to the science but our community atmosphere. I cherish and love being part of this event!

- Adriana, Alumni of LabCentral

I enjoyed spending time to relish the spread, the outfits, and the conversations at each table. I heard several exchanges between people about where they were from, what sort of food they ate, and even what they missed about being away from their country. Thanks for bringing us all together in this informal yet deep manner!

- Prabha, Resident at LabCentral